“Unique combination of cuisine
”Craft Beer & Dim Sum”

クラフトビール x 点心


Dumplings with Beer is a popular combination.
Furthermore, CoCo Craft can provide high quality
“Craft Beers” with unique characteristics
and authentic “Dim Sum” foods right in the heart of Ichigaya,
You will be satisfied with a taste like no other.

Hot, Juicy and fresh.

The secret to delicious dumplings is making them from scratch.

Kneading the dough, filling them with gravy, creating an appropriate texture and steaming or grilling them over high heat is our recipe for deliciousness. Only the highest grade dishes are served at CoCo Craft.

All foods are handmade,
Chemical free and Additive free.

All dishes are made by hand at CoCo Craft. As absolutely no chemical seasonings or additives are used; you can keep a healthy body and mind here.Despite the challenges in producing quality handmade foods, without depending on manufactured or processed ingredients, we make every effort to offer delicious and safe dishes to our customers.

All foods are handmade, Chemical free and Additive free.

Carefully selected Craft Beer

We chose the best beers from domestic microbreweries in terms of aroma, flavor, and matching with the foods etc. when sourcing our products.

  • Microbreweries have been established one after another since the Liquor Tax Act was amended in 1994. For these 20 plus years, the variety of beer styles and quality have been innovatively improved. Unlike many restaurants, our line-up of beers is not limited to those offered by certain suppliers. We have often introduce new brewery’s and newly crafted beers; sometimes, sourcing new beers on a customer request basis.


We make every effort to price the beer affordably in spite of the fact that the craft beer produced by microbreweries tends to be higher in price than other liquor products.

Carefully selected Craft Beer

Pure air. Non smoking

Part of the fun of craft beer comes from aroma. That’s why the smoking is banned at CoCo Craft. However, for those who would like to smoke, there is a smoking space just outside the shop. Pure air makes it possible to better enjoy the aroma of the beer and the taste of our quality foods.

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